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Item: 4094 

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Winchester Model 1876 40-60 WCF

Retail Price: $2,795.00

Sale Price: $2,495.00
Mechanical function and bore are very good

This is a crisp Model 1876 40-60 WCF with serial number 47978 and was made in 1884. The mechanical function is very good and tight and edges are sharp and crisp. The bore is very good with nice rifling but does have some frosting in the grooves. The butt wood is very good but the fore stock has a very good and solid repair to the left top edge. This rifle appears to have been touched up by someone with cold blue, perhaps trying to enhance the appearance of having more original blue color. I think this gun really had generous traces of blue in the protected areas. It is hard to find a 40 caliber with a decent bore but this one has a very nice bore.

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